Transition probability clarification

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Transition probability clarification

Post by Vahid »

Dear EPW Community,

In transport.f90, the transition probability is defined as

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! transition probability
! (2 pi/hbar) * (k+q-point weight) * g2 *
! { [f(E_k+q) + n(w_q)] * delta[E_k - E_k+q + w_q] +
!   [1 - f(E_k+q) + n(w_q)] * delta[E_k - E_k+q - w_q] }
The first term is absorption (+w_q) and the second term is emission (-w_q).

However, in Eq. 3 in PRB76, 165108, 2007, the first term in the delta function is emission and the second term is absorption.

Is there a convention difference between the EPW code and the PRB76 paper?


Vahid Askarpour
Department of physics and atmospheric science
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada

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Re: Transition probability clarification

Post by hlee »

Dear Vahid Askarpour:

I think the expression used in transport.f90 is correct.
You can check other literatures, for instance, Eq. (170) of the paper at ... .89.015003 .


H. Lee

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