Cartesian at the end of file

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Cartesian at the end of file

Post by fahimbinselim »

This is my first time using EPW code. I want do the mobility calculation for CsGeBr3. I have so far completed the scf, ph and nscf calculations.
But for the first file, I got confused. In the tutorial files there are:

4 cartesian
0.000000000 -0.333333333 0.000000000
0.666666667 0.000000000 0.333333333
0.666666667 -0.000000000 0.000000000
-0.333333333 0.000000000 0.666666667

what do the cartesian at the end of the input file mean and how can I obtain them for my calculation?

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Re: Cartesian at the end of file

Post by hpaudya1 »

Hi fahimbinselim,

These are the list of the phonon wavevectors of the coarse grid. You can find these in your ph.out file, copy and paste in the

Importantly, these settings have been removed (calculates automatically inside the code) in the latest versions. So, I recommend you to use the latest versions of the code so that you do not need to include these in your input file.


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