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when i running the epw2 to calculate the electron and hole scattering rates, I confront this problem:
Valence band maximum = 10.730717 eV
Conduction band minimum = ********** eV
i set the energy windows like that :
dis_win_max = 20
dis_win_min = 0
dis_froz_max= 9.1
dis_froz_min= 7.1
and the Fermi energy is around 8.09 eV.
but I got the scattering rate data was at -7~-1 eV at the scattering_rate_001.00 file.
i just plot the data at the third and fourth line as x and y data.
i don't know what kinds of mistakes I have made. but i have got the correct electronic and phonon band structures in and it is consistent with the scf and ph.
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