kmesh_get_bvector: Not enough bvectors found

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kmesh_get_bvector: Not enough bvectors found

Post by mkmr484 »

Dear Experts,
I am very new to QE and wannier90.
I am using QE-7.1 version.
I am using EPW module for 2D material.
I am getting the following error while performing the last step for epw: epw.x < > epw.out

kmesh_get_bvector: Not enough bvectors found
Error: examine the output/error file for details

So in order to check, I have performed a separate band structure calculation with wannier- version. I got the same error. So I have added kmesh_tol=0.0001 in .win file and got the desired band structure in wannier90.3.1.0.
Note I am using "auto_projections = .true. and scdm_proj=.true." for band structure calculation.

However, when I have added the same kmesh_tol=0.0001 in file it shows an error.

I want epw to read band structure data obtained from wannier90.3.1.0 to avoid unnecessary errors. How to do that?

Also, I am wondering if there is any specific tag to add kmesh_tol=0.0001 in file and also auto_projections = .true.

Any kind of help will be very much appreciated.

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Re: kmesh_get_bvector: Not enough bvectors found

Post by hpaudya1 »

Hi mkmr484,

Please contact the Wannier90 team for questions related to Wannier90 or pw2wanniwe90 at

Also, you may need to read the Wannier90 manual and follow the Wannier90 tutorials.

And please sign your name and affiliation in your future posts.


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